Ground Rules
- Do not work for free if you can help it.
- Unless you are working on a game project, do not even think of charging by the minute!
- Please note that if this is a school project, they might have rights to your music.
Please find out the school’s official policy first!
1) First find out the accurate total budget of the project.
Please be aware that some filmmakers will not want you to know what this true figure is -
so you might have to do some sleuthing, ask around
2) Determine how much to ask using the sliding scale below.
Please note that you must take into consideration each item on each line accordingly.
If you have any questions or comments, contact Deniz directly.
Hope that helps you some, and best of luck!
If You Want to Learn How to Read Music:
There are many resources available online to help you on your way. Start by googling how to read music, and you will stumble across many resources, including the one below. Also don’t forget about YouTube!
If You Want to LearnBasics of Music Theory:
Please note that some of these listed below are for free, some are not. MacPro Video’s courses in particular come highly recommended.

MacPro Video
Coursera from the University of Edinburgh
Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People