Deniz Hughes first developed a cult-like following at New York University's Scoring for Film and Multimedia program, where she personally fostered the careers of over a hundred students, some to unprecedented acclaim.   ★   Her compositional training is unparalleled. A Fulbright scholar, she holds a doctorate from Yale. She has studied closely with the greats of American music, including John Corigliano, Jacob Druckman and Virgil Thomson. She has earned rave reviews by The New York Times as a concert composer, who declared her to have "a vivid imagination and fresh lyric gift." The Deutschen Oper Berlin Orchestra, the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and the Manhattan Symphony all have performed her works.   ★   For years Deniz has worked at the highest levels of the entertainment industry. Her music for hire has been featured in film (Pokemon, The First Movie), television (commercials with Super Bowl airings), award-winning theater productions (off-Broadway and at the Shakespeare Theatre) and for dance (at the American Dance Festival). As an orchestrator she has collaborated with Elliot Goldenthal (on several films including Interview With The Vampire, A Time To Kill, Michael Collins), and with David Kurtz (for the libraries of The Young and The Restless, The Bold and The Beautiful).   ★   She has lectured extensively throughout the United States and abroad - at institutions such as the Royal College of Music in London, Bristol University, Rutgers University, and Carleton College. She has also taught at Lehman College consistently on behalf of their distinguished professor of music, John Corigliano, for well over ten years.   

A Special Message for Film Composers

It is possible to make it in the business, so long as you know exactly what to do, and there's a loooong laundry list of stuff that needs to get done in order for you to get there. There's no mystery to the process! If it seems that way to you, chances are you're not understanding what's actually going on. That's why you need someone knowledgeable on your side making sure you're seeing things in the right way, that you're doing everything right, and at the right time.

People sometimes ask me, well if you know how to break into the business, why don't you do it? And I answer that question with a question: why do anything? Helping others is what gives me the most meaning in my life. For whatever reason this is how I'm wired, and I say lucky me to that.

Truth be told, I have an even loftier goal than wanting to help film composers, and that is to help the quality of film music. It's very much a fledgling art form. My aim is to push the boundaries of the genre by diligently working behind the scenes, one composer at a time. Some composers are talented and they need to learn about the business, and others are super savvy but need to hone their composing chops. Either way, everyone has a better chance at making it, while making it better. And there are just so many projects that would be so much better with better music!

Film composers require exceptional strength and stamina to live out their daily lives for so many reasons and on so many levels - this is not a life for the weak and meager! Whether you realize it or not, you are in this to become a mental triathlete of sorts - and because of that, you will always always have my infinite respect.